Silja Rehfeldt

Dearmouring Process & Sexuality

Silja Rehfeldt

Silja found her passion and art form of living, in being a Dakini, Midwife and Warrior of Bliss.
She always knew about the beauty , the magic, the unknown, the power and the presence of our core, our life source energy, our ecstatic being.
As a midwife ( for 20 years by now) she was able to observe, study and explore our conception, our arrival, our first little death, our first imprints,…our capacity to expand, our birth into being.
She developed and teaches several techniques of internal and external Dearmouring, as Limbic System resets for woman and man. Her main focus is the Cervix Dearmouring. Some well known teachers are using her techniques by now.

She is also certified in homeopathy, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture, fertility and pregnancy massage, ayurveda yoga massage, family constellation work, breath work, Integral Health and Tantra, as Aromatherapy. She teaches on the first Tantric University in Europe , where its possible to receive an international accredited degree in: Integral Transpersonal Sexology and Tantric Science. She organizes Lectures, Workshops and Events all over Europe, as many know her yearly Unitedbliss Conference of Sexuality and Consciousness in Berlin .

In becoming a Dakini ( a temple dancer, a healer, a light worker, goddess of wisdom, she makes love to your demons) Silja found excess to combine and integrate Sexuality and Spirituality.
She provides a container which guides and supports people in coming back into a healthy, vibrant, ecstatic, passionate, intimate relationship with themselves and all of life.

She wants to reset the layers of the past limitations , imprinted up on us by our beliefs, conditions and thoughts.
In becoming a mother, expand to the Yoniverse in unconditional Love, a transformation and near death experience, made her totally commit her path on serving her wisdom, integrity, love and presence to the only truth….

Be love, Live love, Serve Love