Medicine Singer & Voice Trainer


TUULIA is a singer and songwriter with northern roots.
She writes medicine songs in her mother tongue in Finnish, as well as love songs in English, weaving in Joiks and Inuit throat singing, in her concept: Nordic Healing Arts – “Music as Medicine”.
Her gift is to create a state of trance with her voice and drum that is sourced deeply in the beyond, channeling the goddess in all her forms, from a maiden to a grandmother.
In her music, she also mixes acoustic guitar and modern styles alongside her earthbound yet angelic vocals.
She has been collecting archaic songs from an early age as she toured the Rainbow Gatherings with her parents, growing up in the middle of the singing circles, and the blaze of sacred fires.
It is a joy and an honor for Tuulia to share sacred music and inspire people to be liberated, as well as to bring them back to their roots and the sources of their primordial power. She loves to touch with her voice and move the energy – opening your heart is her bliss …