Sisterhood & Intuitive Healing

Raffaella Bona

Raffaella is a healing and circle facilitator, originally from Italy, based in Berlin and traveling the world.
She is an intuitive healer and angel alchemist, an energy reader and channeler, a Sistership Circle facilitator and host of transformational retreats, a passionate feminine leader and a sister.
She offers sessions of energy work mainly channeled from Spirit and supported by Mother Earth, Angels & Guides, and also experiential circles, playshops and retreats for sisters who want to step into their greater power and reconnect to their true voice, their body and heart, their soul purpose, their unique gifts and their magical sisters.

Her given name is the Italian female version of Raphael (the Archangel), meaning “Goddess who heals” giving her focus on divine healing work.
Her surname Bona holds a similar message, meaning good things in Latin and relating to Bona Dea, or “Good Goddess”, a divinity of the ancient Roman times associated with women, fertility, chastity, healing and protection. That’s where her passion for the divine feminine, sisterhood, circles, women empowerment, and again, healing work in general come from.
The funny thing is that she researched and discovered these meanings only in the past few years, while awakening and remembering her true essence.
She constantly plans wonderful journeys all around the planet, within and beyond, to Source and Spirit, through radical love, soul connection, unconditional faith, sacred intuition, powerful vulnerability, sexy authenticity, full creativity and self-expression.
Through that she helps sisters, privately or in group, experiencing real magick, empowerment, inspiration, connection, depth, support, love and healing.