Merav Gur Arie

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Merav Gur Arie

Since her twenties, it became clear to Merav that the best way to express her enthusiasm and expand her abilities is teaching people to improve their lives through body awareness. From then on, for more than twenty years, her main interest is helping people to unleash their true abilities and follow their wishes and support them through their difficulties, pains and fears.

In 2005 she moved to Berlin from Israel and built here a successful practice, working with international clients from different backgrounds and cultures. Her core teaching leads women to connect to their bodies, knowing that if women focus their attention on what they want instead of getting entangled in self-destructive mind sets, they are able to move far beyond the cultural limitations towards lasting personal change and have great influence on the world.

“Merav, is a very warm and interested woman who listens very closely. She has the gift to be clear and direct, but staying very empathic and gentle at the same time. She has a grounded and easy going way to communicate that leaves room for fun and laughter.”

Merav offers women personal sessions, experiential talks and workshops on subjects such as: “Feminine Strength”, “The Intelligence of Emotions”, “I Want”, “Accommodating Change” and more.

Merav finds great joy in movement and dance, physical theater, body awareness, communication and connection with others and laughing till your belly aches.

Themes; Feminine empowerment, Authentic Communication, Mind-Body Integration, Body Awareness, Emotional expression, Self-Acceptance