Maria dos Passos

Red Tent & Mother Earth Lover

Maria dos Passos

Maria dos Passos is a fierce lover of  Mother  Earth and has found her way to Her  through empowering her own “WomanEarthhood” as well as other women’s in her circle Red Tent Moon Tribe.

She visions this empowering as an Activism Act and has the view that our task as activists is healing ourselves and support others healing,  if we want to create peace. She loves studying and is a lecturer of HERstory giving lectures on matriarchy, the religion of the great goddess and sacred activism.  In Maria’s view women come to the world not only to bear children but above all to bear the vision of a new earth. Her mission is to motivate and inspire women, and man as well, to RE member and RE connect to their own wisdom and power and therefore heal themselves.

Maria studied with Chameli Ardagh and her Awakening Women Institute and Engel-Wolf Shamanism with Heidi Baatz and Andreas Krüger.

She conducts lectures and workshops in Berlin, Basel and in Lisbon. Maria offers shamanic healing work in individual sessions as well as drumming healing sessions in which she uses her voice has a most powerful healing tool. She sings in the band „Mamacitas“ in Berlin.

Her RedTent Moon Tribe happens in Berlin every month.

The next workshops & lectures happen in Cascais, Portugal on the 22nd March 2020 and on the 3rd & 4th April 2020 in Basel, Switzerland. In Berlin in June 2020.