Kara Johnstad

Voice & Concert

Kara Johnstad

Kara Johnstad is a singer, composer, producer, visionary, coach and powerful voice in the time and age of transition.

Author, voice specialist and owner of VOICE YOUR ESSENCE™ and the SCHOOL OF VOICE, Kara empowers audiences around the world via concerts, lectures, workshop and 1-on-1 VIP Coaching.

Her music speaks volumes and touches on universal themes that affect us all: love, relationships, life, death, sexuality and inner healing. Her most downloaded songs include Love Never Fails, Message of Hope, Heal Me Hold Me, We Have A Choice and Thank You.

Her facebook live stream on VOICE  reaches thousands of fans and in summer of 2018, Kara will launch the Kara Johnstad Radio Show,  that will be syndicated on over 251 FM stations across America and available to millions of listeners worldwide.

Kara talks and performs at women’s festivals and summits, leadership conferences, spiritual conferences and works with communities that are changing the world for the better:

Her mission is to help our world understand the role our voice plays in fine-tuning our body-mind-spirit system.

Work with Women:

Kara Johnstad is the founder of the School of Voice where we offer 360 Degree Voice Empowerment Programs including, Spoken Word Sisterhood, Writing Sisterhood Berlin and the weekly Women’s Singing Class. Kara works with independent artists, public speakers, managers,  entrepreneurs, coaches, healers and feminine leaders to open their voice and help them articulate and present clearly their message to our world. She also works with top professional artists on stage and off to keep their voices fluid and full and help them attain the 4-octave range they have been given.