Juana Lucia Ramirez

Frauenkreise & Lunas

Juana Lucia Ramirez

Juana Lucía Ramirez, born in Colombia and living in Germany, founder of CASA LUNAS for women andbelonging to the World Network of Women “Guardianas de la Tierra” (Guardians of the Earth), Facilitator of Women’s circles and healing system therapist with Sacred Geometry Crystals for Women.

As a dancer, dance therapist (BMC) and project developer, I work with representatives of Mesoamerican cultures, from whom I learn to share this knowledge today with women’s circles around the world.

I offer Women Retreats where we are including ancient knowledge with modern technics for body, mind and soul to support the Feminine awakening and the redignification of Masculine in society.

“Infinitely gratitude with the gift of re-finding my femininity”