Dunja Zigic

Sisterhood & Coachings

Dunja Zigic

Dunja is a soft and caring woman who has learned, through a hard and painful journey, to be gentle and loving with herself. For many years she was driven by her intense emotions, not knowing any other way to deal with them but to fall victim to them or to suppress them. During this time she  was deeply craving love while at the same time being terrified of it. Her relationships to herself were shaky as were her romantic relationships. Now she stands on her two feet, she is fully connected with her heart and she knows how to give space to the emotions and feelings that run through her, fully owning them and using them to grow and unfold further. She embodies love and she has certainly learned how to go through life in a self-loving way. What she gives to other women is a way to deal with feelings that allows them to own them use them as positive growth catalysts. She cares about self-love and emotional mastery that helps us heal our inner wounds and grow. She is passionate about relationships in the context of: every great relationship starts with a great relationship to others.

What I offer to women: I give women the gift of seeing through the eyes of love. I support them to form beautiful and deep conscious relationships (with themselves and others) through mastering the art of love, connection, communication and feeling.

What I love: I love to love 🙂 And to use all my gifts and talents in making this world a better and more beautiful place. I love to live, love and grow and support others to enjoy and make best of their journey.

Themes: healing, goddess, sisterhood, emotional mastery, relationships