Alisa Poplavskaya

Sacred Geometry & Yoga

Alisa Poplavskaya

Alisa Poplavskaya is a spiritual artist, Tibetan art teacher, Yoga teacher, social psychologist, creative educator and traveller.

In the last 15 years Alisa lived and worked in the field of arts, creative education and social justice in Ukraine, Israel, USA, Sweden, Austria, Hong Kong, Slovakia, Nepal and Germany.

Three years ago Alisa returned from Nepal, where she lived for one year and learned Tibetan Thangka Art in a Thangka Painting School in the Himalayas.

Alisa believes that combination of meditation and creative process can heal and bring us to our Higher Self.

With Love Alisa is leading Tibetan Mandala Painting with Natural Minerals Course, Tibetan Thangka Painting Course „White Tara“; White Tara – Sacred Geometry workshop, Intuitive drawing and painting sessions; Mandala and Lotus meditative workshops, Tibetan Mandala & Yoga Retreats, Gratefulness workshop and Sacred Couple Space in Berlin and around the world.