Deep Feminine & Retreats

Aisha Salem

Aisha Salem is a realised Master and true Woman from Denmark, who teaches Radical Compassion in the facilitation of awakening, realisation and actualisation of your deepest Essence and Being.
Aisha is situated on the island of Møn in Denmark wherefrom she teaches ongoing at the center Nari Village, as a part of guiding the growing community connected to her teaching. It is a field arriving in the embrace of Truth as the deep emergence of Reality as the Totality of the dancing masculine and feminine, by unveiling in the Divine Feminine.
Aisha is available and works globally in an online teaching portal, Gateway Online, as well as through online retreats. Intensives and residential retreats take place on the island of Møn and abroad.
The very first Women’s Initiation weekend is scheduled for May 1st-3rd 2020 and Aisha and her team look forward to bring forth the deep feminine wisdom and tools in initiation and celebration with women from all over the world.
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